Absolute is a multi-disciplinary sports medicine, health & performance centre providing tailored performance and wellbeing solutions for individuals, groups and corporations.

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David Smith

Health, fitness and performance is not a sprint, it’s an ongoing journey where quality of movement, sustainable training and nutrition approaches will ultimately lead to greater outcomes, whatever your goals.

DAVID SMITH BSc (ExSc), ESSA, ASCA, Co-founder & Head Performance Coach


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Absolute is a multidisciplinary sports medicine, health and performance centre, situated in the heart of Melbourne CBD’s business and legal precinct.

Our comprehensive sports medicine offering is second to none and includes sports and exercise medicine physicians, physiotherapy, osteopathy, soft tissue therapy & dietetics, together with wholly customised one-on-one performance coaching and small group training.

We pride ourselves on bringing together under the one roof, highly-qualified and experienced practitioners with a demonstrable track record of getting results for their clients.

Our programs are meticulously thought through and highly personalised, designed with both an individual’s rehabilitation and training requirements in mind.

Importantly, our practitioners work collaboratively to help you focus on achieving your health, rehabilitation and fitness goals.

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Physical Health And Performance Can
Mean Different Things To People.

It might be completing a triathlon or cycling the Great Ocean Road during the weekend. It may simply mean returning to full health following an injury.

Some people wish to invest in their bodies for the long term allowing them to be fit and active for years to come. Others want to improve their performance levels while achieving better balance with demanding professional careers.

Whatever your individual health, fitness and rehabilitation goals, we’ll help you get there.

Absolute Health & Performance’s mission is to make sure you get the results you’re after.

With a team of highly trained and experienced practitioners, we provide a meticulous and personalised end-to-end service, from individual performance coaching and small group training through to sports & exercise medicine, physiotherapy, osteopathy, soft tissue therapy and dietetics.

All under one roof in Melbourne’s CBD.

Each area is dedicated to all of your health, fitness and rehabilitation requirements.

Absolute Health & Performance. Raise the Bar.

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Our elite performance coaches develop customised programs undertaken one-on-one or in small groupsessions up to a maximum of six participants.

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Absolute’s comprehensive sports medicine offering is second to noneand includes sports physicians, physiotherapy, osteopathy,soft tissue therapy & dietetics.

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Absolute’s comprehensive sports medicine offering is second to noneand includes sports physicians, physiotherapy, osteopathy,soft tissue therapy & dietetics.

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I am a huge advocate of Absolute. I first discovered them through seeking soft tissue therapy for an injury. In discussion with their massage therapist, I learned that my programme at my local gym was not structured to achieve my goals, and was actually the cause of my fatigue and back pain.

This led me to trialing a coaching session with Steve, and I have never looked back. Steve constructed an Olympic weightlifting programme for me that was interesting, varied, and I started to see consistent improvement. I am now 4 months into the programme and it has been the most successful 4 months of training in my life. I exceeded the goals I originally set for myself, and I have never enjoyed training more.

Having had coaching at many different gyms, I can confidently say the team at Absolute are a level above everyone else. The team are personable, the gym has a great atmosphere, and above all, there is a strong culture of care for their clients. That care translates into achieving goals while minimising risk of injury, which to me is the most important thing for an athlete. Give them a go, you won’t look back!

Simon S